Berloumi is a Halloumi style grilling cheese. In Halloumi recipes you can also use Berloumi.

We like to keep our Halloumi recipes vegetarian. Halloumi is a good meat substitute in terms of both texture and nutritional value.


quinoa, salade, berloumi
Fresh quinoa salad with raisins and parsley.

This quinoa salad has an abundance of textures. In combination with our Labneh and Berloumi.

Roman lettuce, Berloumi, halloumi, pomegranate
Salad boats with Berloumi and garnish.

This is so simple we actually can’t call it a halloumi recipe. Serve on hot days.

asperges, parelcouscous, berloumi, halloumi
Steamed asparagus with green pearl couscous.

We show you how to cook asparagus and a technique for making green pearl couscous

Aardappelsalade, broccolistelen, Berloumi
Grilled asparagus and Berloumi on the barbecue

Don’t throw away your broccoli stems! Use them in this salad.


Salade van watermeloen met halloumi
Panzanella bread salad with grilled Halloumi.

Because it is one of our favorites, we have written a whole Panzanella special about it.

watermeloen, halloumi, barbeque
BBQ skewer with Berloumi and watermelon.

On hot days you need salt and moisture. Two ingredients that we combine here.

Saffraanrisotto met kerstomaatjes
Risotto with saffron tomatoes.

The saffron tomatoes are real taste bombs. Soon you will serve them with everything.

caponata, halloumi, ciabatta
Sicilian Caponata with Berloumi

Caponata is a salad that looks like a chutney. Serve this throughout the summer. Anywhere.


Polenta met cantharellen en Berloumi
Polenta with Berloumi and stew of chanterelles

We made this polenta with ‘non precooked’ polenta. This is not difficult at all.

farinata, kerstomaatjes, halloumi, berloumi
Farinata with dried cherry tomatoes and Berloumi

Farinata is the ancestor of the pizza made with chickpea flour.

Pompoensoep met Halloumi blokjes
Delicious pumpkin soup with Berloumi cubes

Cubes are the new balls. In this halloumi recipe we use Berloumi cubes instead of meatballs.

aubergine, baba ganoush, halloumi
Berloumi and potato cubes with grilled eggplant

Are these potato cubes or Berloumi cubes?

berloumi, gesmoorde prei
Braised leeks with linguini, Berloumi and hazelnuts.

By frying the leeks first, they get a deep and rich aroma.


Halloumi sticks
Salad of Brussels sprouts with Berloumi sticks

Delicious, tasty and sprouts in one sentence. With this preparation it becomes possible.

palmkool, kikkererwten, berloumi, salade
Crunchy salad with chickpeas and palm cabbage

If not in possession of Tuscan kale then use kale in these winters warm salad.

Halloumi frietjes
Our renowned Berloumi fries in the winter.

The winter variant of our Halloumi Fries. Culinary fast food with red wine.

A halloumi recipe for every season

Halloumi Fries, Berloumi Frietjes
Berloumi Fries

Our Halloumi recipes can be easy fast food.

Halloumi, Berloumi, Burger, eggplant, hummus
Berloumi Burgers

Berloumi is the ideal meat substitute in a vegetarian burger. We show you the way in our hamburger files.

Pasta salad, pickled carrot, chorizo
Berloumi Pasta

Some tips to make the best pasta salad ever. Using Berloumi is one of the tips.

Holidays Special

halloumi, hapjes, berloumi, recept

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