With this quinoa salad with shaved cauliflower a lot happens in your mouth. In combination with our fresh and creamy Labneh and also our baked Berloumiit is a feast of textures.

Quinoa, salad, berloumi.

Quinoa salad.

Wash 200 g quinoa thoroughly under running water. Put the quinoa together with 700 g water in the pressure cooker. Heat, stirring, on high heat until the water boils and then put the lid on. Set the pressure cooker to the highest setting (almost always 1 bar). Pressurize the pressure cooker but do not let it steam (you should never do that with a pressure cooker). Cook for four minutes and then quickly cool the pressure cooker under cold running water. Pour the quinoa through a fine sieve and then spread it out on a tray to cool. Do not rinse the quinoa with cold water. Allow to evaporate and cool.

Cut 100 g green apple into fine brunoise, toast 40 g pine nuts, chop 40 g flat parsley coarsely, cut 35 g white celery into fine brunoise. Plan 500g of cauliflower on the mandolin or kitchen planer until you have 200g left. Use the rest of the cauliflower in a puree or soup.

Add everything together with the quinoa, 30g white balsamic vinegar (or other white vinegar), 30g grape seed oil, 20g nut oil and 50g dark, dried raisins.

quinoa, halloumi.

Serve with fried or grilled Berloumi and a fresh yoghurt dressing whether or not based on our Labneh.

Working with the pressure cooker.

The time when a pressure cooker could explode and just fly around the kitchen is long gone. Modern pressure cookers have more than enough built-in safety features. Once you know the advantages and skills, it becomes an essential kitchen tool. In these two films, one and the other is clearly explained.