Quinoa salad with shaved cauliflower, green apple and Berloumi.

This quinoa and grillkaas salad with shaved cauliflower, apple and parsley is really yummy. Combined with our fresh and creamy Labneh and the fried Berloumi, it’s a feast of crunchy textures. It is certainly one of our tastiest recipes and perfect with the better barbecue.

Quinoa salad.

In our Zuivelarij we like to prepare our quinoa quickly in the pressure cooker. If you prefer not to do so, follow the instructions on the quinoa packaging. If you do, you will find some good instructional videos below.

Wash 200 grams of quinoa thoroughly under running water. Put the quinoa together with 700 grams of water in the pressure cooker. Heat, stirring, on high heat until the water boils and then put the lid on. Set the pressure cooker to the highest position (that’s 1 bar). Pressurize the pressure cooker but do not let it steam (you should never do that with a pressure cooker). Cook for four minutes and then quickly cool the pressure cooker under cold running water. Pour the quinoa through a fine sieve and then spread it out on a tray to cool. Do not rinse the quinoa with cold water but let it evaporate and cool down.

Cut 100 g green apple into fine pieces, toast 40 grams pine nuts,roughly chop 40 grams flat parsley, cut 35 g white celery into fine pieces. Scrape 500 grams cauliflower on the mandolin or kitchen slicer until you have 200 grams left. Use the rest of the cauliflower in a puree or soup.

Add everything together with the quinoa, 30 grams of white balsamic vinegar (or other white vinegar), 30 grams grapeseed oil, 20 grams nut oil and 50 grams dark, dried raisins.

quinoa, grillkaas.
Grill Berloumi above medium heat. As you can see, it burns quickly but these ones are just fine.

Serve this quinoa grillkaas salad with our fried or grilled Berloumi and a fresh yogurt dressing based on our Labneh.

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