Ricotta from Berloumi can be bought in Okay and in many local foodshops. All the shops and our ricotta recipes can be found below..

Berloumi Ricotta

Our Ricotta is a ‘real’ ricotta. It is made only from the sweet milk whey that remains after the production of Berloumi. The whey is further heated and only the ricotta that comes to the surface at 90 °C is skimmed off. Because of the excellent Berlaarse milk we use for our Berloumi cheese, the cheese whey still contains a lot of fat for a creamy ricotta. Especially in the winter months our ricotta is particularly soft and creamy. Ricotta van Berloumi is perfect in all your ricotta recipes.

Only the ricotta that rises up at 90 °C is scooped off. This type of ricotta is, also without being creamed, soft, creamy and healthy.

Our ricotta recipes

ricotta, infornata
cannelloni, berloumi, spinazie
Ricotta Cookies
tortillla, spinazie, ricotta, kerstomaatjes
Bruschetta with Berloumi Ricotta and green tomato.
paccheri, cannelloni, ricotta

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