“It’s Cheese, Jim, but not as we know It.”

Berloumi is a Belgian halloumi style grilling cheese.

Berloumi has a unique flavor. The taste is not comparable to other cheeses. Fried or grilled the cheese has a hearty, warm and rich aroma. But it is the texture that makes the cheese exceptional. It does not melt like other cheeses and has a rather elastic, meaty and squeaky mouthfeel. A taste sensation that is quickly appreciated!

Watermelon Salad with Halloumi

We make our Berloumi in the rhythm of the seasons.

Every season has a different marinade.

logo berloumi bio

In the dairy, we process milk from local farmers to unique products. Elke boer produceert de melk voor één enkel product. Recently we also have organic farmers in our village. Onze eerste biologische kaas lanceren was dus een logische stap. Zo verkorten we verder de keten tussen de boer en de consument. From 2019 there will also be an organic Berloumiin the specialized shops and Bio-Planet.

Other dairy products from our Zuivelarij


Labnehis a very thickened, long drained yogurt made from goat and cow milk. Labnehis traditionally eaten with olive oil, herbs and flatbread. Eat is as mezze, sharing, apero or savory breakfast

Berloumi Ricotta

Ricotta van Berloumi

Our Ricotta is a real Ricotta that is only made from milk whey. The whey is further heated and only the Ricotta that floats spontaniously scooped off.


viVie, een Belgische cacioricotta

For our VivieCacioricotta the milk is boiled first. Because of this, the ricotta proteins are integrated in the cheese curds.

Goat milk Berloumi

Berloumi van geitenmelk, halloumi van geitenmelk

Our goat milk Berloumi is made in a somewhat different way. The texture is less tough and slightly more grainy. But you can fry and grill him just like Berloumi.

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