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  • Salade with palm cabbage and chickpeas
  • With braised leek
  • With grilled asparagus
  • Pumpkinsoup
  • Panzanella
  • Hamburger with hummus and aubergine
  • Fries

" It's Cheese, Jim, but not as we know it. "

Berloumi has got a unique flavour that cannot be compared to other cheeses. Baked or grilled it has got a warm savory aroma. But most of all it's the texture that makes this cheese extraordinary. This cheese doesn't melt like other cheeses and has got a rather stiff and resilient texture. A taste sensation which is soon appreciated!

Berloumi fries (summer)

Fantastic fastfood with tastes and smells from the Middle Eastern kitchen.

Seasonal variations

We producre our cheese in the atmosphere of the seasons. Each season has an other spicemix/marinade in and around the cheese

Points of sale

You can find our cheese in stores spread over Belgium. Berloumi is also sold by Okay and Spar. Our Points of sale

Our other products

viVie, Belgian Cacioricotta

Berloumi, goat with grilling

Ricotta di Berloumi


Since 2019 there is also a Berloumi Bio available in the specialized shops. Berloumi Bio will also be available in Bio-Planet.

In 'de Zuivelarij' we process milk of local farmers to unique dairy. Each farmer produces the milk for one single product. Stein, a local farmer in transition, will start producing biological milk soon. Launching our first biological cheese was therefor a logical next step. In this manner we shorten the chain between farmer and consumer.

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