Berloumi, a Belgian halloumi style grilling cheese

“It’s cheese, Jim, but not as we know it.”

Berloumi is the cheese it all started with for De Zuivelarij. It is a type of cheese originating in the Middle East. It has a unique taste, incomparable to any other cheese. Fried or grilled, it has a savory, warm and rich aroma. But above all it’s the texture that makes the cheese exceptional. It does not melt like other cheeses. Our cheese feels rather stiff, meaty and resilient in your mouth. A cheese with a versatile character and a taste sensation you will quickly appreciate!

Discover our different seasonal varieties!

Berloumi, that’s cheese for grilling. We make our cheese to the rhythm of the seasons. Every season has a different marinade. In spring it is marinated with chili and mint. But in winter you will taste smoky accents.

Organic Berloumi

In De Zuivelarij, we process milk from local farmers to unique dairy products. Each farmer produces the milk for one single product. Recently, a local farmer switched to organic farming. Making an organic halloumi cheese was a logical step. In this way, we are further shortening the chain between farmers, producers and consumers. You can find our Berloumi-Bio in the bio-shops and Bio-Planet. Would you like to know more about our farmers? Be sure to check this page.

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Packaging-free Berloumi

More ecological? No problem, our creative cheesemakers came up with packaging-free Berloumi. The same cheese, but without the packaging. We offer it at various packaging-free stores all over Belgium. Be sure to check out the page for all the outlets.

Berloumi for in every dish

With our Berloumi you can go all the way in the kitchen. You can bake it or grill it, but you can also fry it. The cheese tastes delicious in a summer salad or as a meat substitute. Are you curious about what you can do with our unique grill cheese? Especially for you, we have collected some recipes that are very popular in the team of De Zuivelarij.

Watermelon Salad with Halloumi
Panzanella with Berloumi

Other dairy products from our Zuivelarij



Labneh is a strongly concentrated, drained yoghurt made from goat’s and cow’s milk. Labneh is traditionally eaten with olive oil, herbs and flatbread.

Berloumi Ricotta

Ricotta of the Berloumi

Our Ricotta by Berloumi is a real ricotta that we make with milk whey. We heat the whey, and scoop off only the ricotta that floats to the surface.


viVie, Belgian Cacioricotta

To produce our viVie Cacioricotta, we cook the milk first. in this way we preserve the ricotta proteins that would otherwise have been lost.

Goat milk Berloumi

Berloumi of goat's milk, halloumi of goat's milk, berloumi

We make our Berloumi of goat’s milk differently. The texture is less tough and slightly more grainy. But you can give still cook it like Berloumi, by baking and grilling. it. .

Behind the scenes

Would you like to know more about the production process of our grill cheese? We have no secrets and give you a unique look behind the scenes!

Questions are free

Do you have a question? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. Here we’ve collected some questions from our customers.

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