Berloumi Organic

In our Zuivelarij we process milk from local farmers into unique dairy products. Each farm represents a unique product and each of our cheeses has its own farm. Recently, a few farmers in our neighborhood have also been striking out on the organic path. So launching an organic grilling cheese was a logical step. Thus, with our organic Berloumi, we further shorten the chain between the farmer and the consumer.And that in an organic and ecological way.

Berloumi Organic

There are a lot of logistics involved in milk supply. After all, cows give milk every day while organic milk is not processed every day in our dairy. That is why we work together with the Belgian cooperative Biomilk. They supply the organic milk for our BerloumiBio and we then process that milk separately from the conventional milk.

Pure nature

Organically tended cows don’t just eat grass from the pasture. They also eat organic roughage. Therefore, the milk composition is a little different. Thus, the milk also has a healthy fatty acid composition. We, and our farmers, use as few additives as possible for our conventional Berloumi. It is because of this natural process that we do not have to change much about our production. We separate the milk and ingredients for our organic Berloumi from our regular Berloumi. Of course, all ingredients and processes are certified.

Organic cheeses are slightly more expensive. After all, you pay the actual cost of your cheese. Ecological costs included.

Anonymous organic cheese maker.

The benefits of organic milk

An organic farmer uses no fertilizers and fewer organic pesticides. He also works only with natural pesticides and does not grow genetically engineered crops. The animals on an organic farm can go outside freely and they also have more space. Finally, they also eat natural, 100% organic food. Antibiotic and drug use is restricted. Organic farming has less impact on the environment without sacrificing quality.

A responsible way of working is equally important to us at our other farmers.

Points of sale

Organic tended cows also give milk every day. Therefore, we sought and found solid and reliable partners to distribute our organic grilling cheese.. As a retailer, you can purchase from the distributors Marma, Delibio, Ecodis and Biofresh. You won’t find our organic Berloumi in the regular supermarkets. As a consumer, you can find it at Bio-Planet, the Barn and lots of other organic stores.

Can’t buy Berloumi Bio in your area yet? If so, be sure to let us know!

      Cooking with our organic Berloumi.

      You prepare our Berloumi Bio just like you do with conventional, marinated Berloumi.

      Would you like to learn more about organic and organic cheeses? Then take a look at www.bioforumvlaanderen and

      Berloumi Organic

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