How do you prepare Berloumi?

Our Berloumi is a grilling cheese but you can just as easily bake, deep-fry or barbecue it. Preparing berloumi is not difficult. You want it to be warm inside, with a nice crust on the outside. That’s all. As long as it has a nice, nice salty, crust.


You can easily cut a piece of Berloumi into different shapes. In our recipes you will find bars, slices, cubes, sticks, French fries and triangles. When you heat a grill cheese like Berloumi, it will keep its shape.

Cut the package all the way open and cut the Berloumi into slices, pieces, sticks, … Then dab them in the spicy oil from the package, if necessary. You definatly don’t need extra seasoning or salt. Our Berloumi is a huge flavor explosion by itself.

Polenta with chanterelles and Berloumi
Fried Berloumi with polenta and mushrooms.

Of all the ways to prepare Berloumi, baking is the easiest. It may also be the best way.

Fry the Berloumi slices in a pan, possibly non-stick, in a very small amount of oil. The pan should be very hot. This way, the Berloumi is just soft enough inside, at the moment it has a nice brown crust. Do not place the cheese slices too close together. That way, the moisture evaporates well. When the cheese has a nice crust, let it rest for a little while.

When the Berloumi is baked, you can still drizzle it with a little lemon juice, honey or other aromatics.

Berloumi, grill-able cheese

The best way to prepare Berloumi is on the grill. When we grill it, we always use a grill pan. But it works just as well with a grill iron, just like making panini. We have even made Berloumi waffles that way!

Rub the grill briefly with some oil, and do the same with the Berloumi slices. You then place them on the grill, turning them a few times. This gives them a nice grilling pattern, to have even more grill-able cheese on your plate.

grillkaas, barbecue, berloumi, grillkaas grilling, grillkaas barbecue
Berloumi with green asparagus

Berloumi on the barbecue, perfect for summer! Briefly run the slices of Berloumi through the oil or dab them in the marinade from the package. Make sure the barbecue is hot and well greased.

Then grill the Berloumi over a medium to high heat. Of course, you want it to be soft and warm inside, and crusted along the outside. To get a nice grilling pattern, turn the cheese frequently. Finally, place at the edge of the fire. That’s how you keep it warm.

Berloumi fries

Time for a popular classic: Berloumi fries!

Cut a package of Berloumi into fries. You certainly shouldn’t do this too accurately, just like with traditional French fries. Toss them in the fryer, and briefly separate them with a fork. Then deep fry the fries at 190°C for 1 minute. You can also wait until they have a nice brown color.

We have a very tasty recipe ourselves for Berloumi fries. This is how you transform them into a tasty snack with some garnishes.

Can you prepare Berloumi in the air-fryer is a question we do often have to answer. Berloumi can certainly go in the airfryer but the question is: why should you prepare it in the airfryer? Just because it would be less fatty is certainly not a good reason. Berloumi, and cheese in general, contains a lot of fats by itself. However you prepare Berloumi; it doesn’t get much fatter. Therefore, always eat our Berloumi with plenty of vegetables, fruit or salad.

If you want, you can prepare grilling cheese in the air-fryer. As above, wrapped with a piece of finely sliced bacon like our Berloumi Bacon Bites.

How to serve

Serve our Berloumi with other hot or lukewarm ingredients. Would you like to keep the cheese warm for an extended period of time? Then put it in a very soft oven. Our preference is Berloumi in the skillet on the table.

When this kind of cheeses cool down they get that squeaky taste. This is typical of a grill-able cheeses. The cheese is sometimes called “squeaky cheese” in English. That’s because it makes a somewhat squeaky sound when you bite down on it. A taste sensation that you quickly get used to and quickly appreciate.

grillkaas grilling, grillkaas cooking
Tuscan panzanella with nectarines and grilled Berloumi
Berloumi, grillkaas

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