Is grillkaas healthy? What is the nutritional value of grillkaas? How can you save grillkaas? Can you freeze Berloumi? In De Zuivelarij we know all about that. Because we make grillkaas. Or rather: we make Berloumi, the Belgian grillkaas.

Is Berloumi healthy?

It must be that Berloumi is healthy, because we make it ourselves. ! grillkaas cheese has a high nutritional value thanks to its many fats and proteins. Our Berloumi is made from pure cow’s milk. We don’t put the milk on, and we don’t take it off. Like many other cheeses, Berloumi is a 50+ cheese. This means that there is more than 50% fat in the cheese. On the dry matter, that is, because in most cases cheese contains about half the water.

To prepare a healthy grillkaas meal with Berloumi, it is best to choose also for other healthy ingredients. You can eat Berloumi as a meat substitute, with a full meal. It is then the savory and protein-rich part of your dish. You then prepare Berloumi with lots of vegetables and often carbohydrates.

The nutri-score of Berloumi and other grillkaas varieties is, as with all cheeses, quite high (D). This is due to the fats and salts. But you usually eat it with other ingredients. Be sure to check out our recipes with a lot of inspiration for balanced, full-fledged meals.

The proteins help determine the nutritional value. Berloumi has a high protein content which makes it saturate quickly.

The nutritional value of our Berloumi

Per 100 grams , Berloumi contains about 25 grams of fats. It also contains about 19 grams of protein. In terms of fat content, our Berloumi is therefore comparable to lean minced meat. It also contains less fat than most breaded meats. A fantastic alternative to meat!

Energy440 kcal/1409 kJ
of which saturated20,3
of which sugars2
making grillkaas, grillkaas making
Delphine pours the rennet into the milk.

Ingredients of our Berloumi

The ingredients we use in our Berloumi are mainly of natural origin. Although our cheese is already super good, we do help it with some technology. As with (almost) all other cheeses, we use calcium chloride and gluconic acid.

Milk is good for everyone

We use the milk for our Berloumi as the cow made it. This ensures the high nutritional value of the cheese. In winter, the cheese is slightly fatter, because cows are inside. Their diet is therefore more balanced.


The dairy farm of Koen and Annick Scheirs supplies the milk for our Berloumi. We don’t skim the milk, and we don’t shove it. During the summer months, Koen and Annick’s cows walk outside. Our Berloumi is then a ‘cheese of meadow milk‘. Annick and Koen also produce their own food for their cows. If that’s not ecological production!


To make cheese from milk, you must first curdle the milk. Curdling enzymes split the proteins. Then they clump together into curds. When you make cheese in the traditional way , you use animal rennet. It comes from the abomasum of calves. But in De Zuivelarij we use rennet of non-animal origin. Instead, we use bacteria in our preparation, which are free of genetic modification. This creates a fully vegetarian cheese, our Berloumi!

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In the summer, the cows run outside and eat grass. Berloumi is then slightly less fat, slightly firmer and also yellower due to the dyes in the fresh grass.


Berloumi contains quite a bit of salt, between 2 and 2.5 grams per 100 grams of cheese. That amount is absolutely necessary in the preparation of our cheese. It provides the desired texture, taste and also increases the shelf life. Do you want Berloumi less salt? Then put it in water for half an hour before you prepare it. It is also best to use much less or no salt in the rest of your dish. Moreover, grillkaas becomes even saltier when you bake it. Moisture then disappears and a nice salt crust is created.


Depending on the different variants , we use in De Zuivelarij various herbal mixtures. We add these mixtures during the brine process. But, it is mainly the texture that determines the taste of our cheese. The seasoning is really just a finishing touch. This is how we turn a cheese that is already tasty into a real taste sensation.

Cheese is always considered a very natural product. Yet it is one of the oldest, most complicated products. Even in its most natural form.

Calcium chloride

Calcium chloride, it is the calcium salt of hydrochloric acid. In cheese we use it to order the natural calcium balance. This is necessary after the milk is cooled. Calcium chloride is a substance that occurs in nature . You can also find it in dietary supplements, because it is a source of calcium.

Gluconic acid

Gluconic acid is obtained thanks to the oxidation of glucose. The acid is mainly produced commercially, but it is also a natural substance. Microorganisms convert the natural sugar in glucose into gluconic acid. You can also find it in honey and fermented fruit juices. The substance comes in handy in the cheese preparation. It does not aggressively lower the pH value of milk, nor does it leave a sour taste .

Save grillkaas

Shelf life in an unopened package

Berloumi and other grillkaas can be stored well. From the production date, a closed package of Berloumi remains good for at least two months. Of course, you have to keep it refrigerated. Our Berloumi has a shorter shelf life than other grillkaas varieties. That’s because our grilled cheese is less salty and contains less marinade. But why keep a pack of Berloumi for a long time? It’s too good to pass up!

Our Berloumi can be stored for less time than most grillkaas. But that doesn’t matter, it’s too good to pass up!

Shelf life after opening

When you open a packet of Berloumi, you can keep it for about a week . Wrap it in paper towels and do not touch it with dirty hands or dirty cutlery. The cheese dries out a little bit, but that’s absolutely not a bad thing. It certainly retains its taste.

When the cheese feels really sticky , it is better not to eat it anymore.

You can also freeze Berloumi. If you do not want to eat everything at the same time, you can cut the cheese into slices for freezing. This way you can only defrost the portions you want bake. That way, the cheese also thaws faster.

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