Berloumi, halloumi fries

You can also fry Halloumi. Halloumi Fries are gradually becoming a popular snack, fast or street food. We’ve made some inspiring snacks with our Berloumi fries. You can eat them as a hearty meal with vegetables and salad or as an appetizeror late evening snack.

How to make Halloumi fries.

Cut a package of Berloumi and remove most of the herbs. Then cut the Berloumi into a French fries shape. Just like traditional potato fries, this doesn’t have to be very accurate.

You can fry a complete package of fries Berloumi at the same time. Set the fryer to 190°C. Make sure the fries well colored and golden brown. Shake the fries while frying. The fries become even more crispy when they are out of the fryer and cool a little bit.

Berloumi fries with balsamic vinegar and Szechuan pepper.

There has been culinary times where balsamic was used almost everywhere. But here the combination with the other ingredients works perfectly.

In this recipe we have topped the Halloumi fries with our Labneh. We first diluted the Labneh with some leftover sparkling wine. Then we put Balsamic vinegar syrup on it. Finish with a lot of thinly cut spring onions and lots of coarsely ground Szechuan pepper.

Berloumi fries with pomegranate and mint.

Halloumi Fries, Berloumi Fries.

Mix 100 g Greek yogurt with A pinch of salt and a little shaved lemon peel. Cut ten mint leaves with a sharp knife finely and pip a piece of pomegranate.

Season with chili sauce on the bottom of a plate and divide the fried Halloumi Fries over one or more trays. Put some of the lemon yogurt and pomegranate syrup (pomegranate molasses is on sale at your Turkish shop) about it. Finish with pomegranate seeds, mint and some chili flakes.

These quantities as a meal for two people served with salad or four people as a snack. For more portions in a short time, you can put the yoghurt and pomegranate syrup in a pinch bottle. Before you cut the Berloumi fries you can remove the spices from the cheese. They have no added value when frying.

Halloumi Fries with red wine and mushroom powder

Halloumi Fries

Mushroom powder

Powder, mushrooms

We have made our powder with 70 g already dried horn of plenty mushrooms but any other dried mushroom will do. Blend the dried mushrooms finely in a kitchen robot and/or blender together with 4 g fermented Turkish chili pepper and 5 g of salt. After you blend the powder in the kitchen robot or blender, you can grind it extra finely in an old-fashioned coffee grinder. Sieve the powder afterwards.

Store the powder in a sealed jar. With the above quantities you can go on for a whole time. You can use the powder in all recipes where you want a mushroom flavor without adding the texture of mushrooms. Think of meatloaf, sprinkle it over vegetable dishes or in soups. You can replace the Turkish chili pepper with freshly ground black pepper.

Red wine syrup

Syrup and red wine syrup

Boil one and a half litre of red wine together with 400 g of sugar into a thick syrup. Use a wide low pan so that the wine can evaporate well. There must be about 2/3rd of the wine evaporate. To obtain the perfect syrup thickness, boil in to about 109 °C with the kitchen thermometer. Add all sorts of spices such as cloves, black pepper, Szechuan pepper, cinnamon, star anise, Juniper Berry,…

While still hot, pour the syrup through a sieve into a clean jar. The syrup stays well in the fridge for months and at least a few weeks at room temperature. You can also choose to leave the spices in the syrup.

Do not use the best wine from your wine cellar for this syrup. Several leftovers or something you’ve gotten from bad friends deliver the same syrup.

After frying, immediately put the Berloumi fries, together with the sage leaves, in a large bowl. Sprinkle the powder of mushrooms over the halloumi fries while shaking the fries. A lot of powder will stick to the fries.

Once out of the fryer, immediately shake the Berloumi fries with the mushroom powder. Serve in a bowl, deep plate or in a fast food packaging. Finish with the wine syrup, Greek yogurt (with a little salt in it), spring onions or finely sliced sweet onion. The fried and by the shaking meanwhile crushed sage leaves come at the top.

Place the finely sliced sweet onion in cold water with vinegar for an hour to soften the aggressive onion flavor. We served these Berloumi fries together with a fresh salad of raw chicory.

The Original: Oli Baba’s (Camden Market)

Oli Baba’s food truck started serving in 2015 Halloumi Fries at the fashionable Camden Market in London. The food truck was immediately, and still is, a gigantic success. Deep-fried Halloumi finished with fresh ingredients from the Middle East are great fast food.

On this page we made a few inspiring Halloumi Fries recipes based on Oli Baba’s original recipe. For the original recipe, mix full Greek yogurt with za’atar and scoop it over the crispy fried fries. Finish with sweet pomegranate syrup (molasses), pomegranate seeds, fresh mint and chili pepper.

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