Halloumi on the barbecue.

In the our Zuivelarij we always like Berloumi. But in the summer, grilled on the barbecue, along with some grilled vegetables, there’s nothing better than that. Halloumi at the bbq is a good meat substitute. But halloumi also grills well along with meat. It’s savory, salty taste suits any summer salad. You can buy our Berloumi in almost any Belgian supermarket.

If you want to grill halloumi on the barbecue, you want a beautiful grill pattern and a savory crust while the cheese inside is just warm.


Cut Berloumi into slices of about one centimeter. Bars also look nice on the barbecue. The cheese is easy to cut and will keep its shape when heated

If you want it to be really easy, grill Berloumi in its entirety or cut in half horizontally. Extra seasoning is not necessary and do not use any salt.


Grill the Berloumi over a medium heat so that the cheese gets warm inside by the time it gets a crust. Turn the cheese regularly and place it on the edge of the bbq to keep it warm.

Dip the slices of Berloumi in the aromatic oil from the package.


Preferably serve Berloumi hot with other warm or lukewarm preparations.

When halloumi cools down, it gets a bit of a tough mouth feel and makes a ‘squeaky’ sound. A taste sensation that is quickly appreciated.

Halloumi on the bbq is a perfect alternative to meat. But you can eat it alongside meat if you want.

Barbecue recipes with the halloumi of Berloumi.

Salade van watermeloen met halloumi
Panzanella bread salad with grilled Berloumi.
Berloumi, watermoelen, barbecue
Grilled watermelon with Berloumi.
Halloumi and grilled vegetables on the bbq.
geroosterde prei
Roasted on the barbecue with charred leek and potato salad.
Halloumi, halloumi op de barbecue, Berloumi
You can even wok our halloumion the bbq.
halloumi, barbecue, halloumi op de bbq
With pineapple, onion and paprika on a brochette.
halloumi en asperges op de bbq
Delicious and ready in a flash bbq recipe with crunchy gremolata
quinoa, halloumi
Our Berloumi looks a little burnt here but this still is the best quinoa salad ever.

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