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Berloumi on the grill and barbecue.

At our dairy, we ALWAYS like Berloumi. But in the summer, grilled on the barbecue, along with some grilled vegetables, nothing beats the taste of grilled Berloumi. A grilling cheese on the BBQ is also a great meat substitute. But Berloumi also willingly allows itself to be grilled together “with” meat. Consider our Berloumi Bacon Bites.

Its savory, salty taste suits any summer salad. You can buy our Berloumi in almost any supermarket.

When grilling our Berloumi on the barbecue, you want a nice grilled and savory crust while the cheese is just warm on the inside. This works best if you grill the cheese first on fairly high heat and then keep it warm in a less hot zone.


Berloumi can be grilled on the barbecue in almost any shape. In our barbecue recipes you will find both bars, slices and cubes. If you are rather lazy, you can also grill a whole Berloumi on the barbecue.

Berloumi will keep its shape very well. Additional seasoning is not necessary and, above all, do not use extra salt.


Berloumi is best grilled briefly but vigorously on as many sides as possible. This gives him his savory flavor!

Turn the cheese frequently on high heat and afterwards place it on the edge of the BBQ to keep it warm.

Dip the slices of Berloumi in the aromatic oil from the package.


Preferably serve Berloumi hot with other warm or lukewarm preparations.

When Berloumi cools down, it gets a bit of a tough mouth feel and makes a ‘squeaky’ sound. A taste sensation you will quickly appreciate.

Berloumi on the BBQ is a perfect alternative to meat. But you can eat it alongside meat if you want.

Barbecue recipes our Berloumi grilling cheese.

Watermelon salad with Berloumi.
Panzanella bread salad with grilled Berloumi.
Berloumi, watermelon, barbecue
Grilled watermelon with Berloumi.
Berloumi on the barbecue with eggplant
Grilled eggplant with Berloumi, labneh and pomegranate.
Roast our Berloumi along with mushrooms directly on the barbecue.
Grilling cheeses on the barbecue, Berloumi
Using a perforated skillet, you can wok our Berloumi on the BBQ.
Along with pineapple and bell bell pepper on a brochette. Green bean salad.
Berloumi and asparagus on the BBQ.
Delicious and ready in a flash BBQ recipe with crunchy gremolata

Sunny pineapple with (again) peppers, pineapple and Berloumi.

quinoa, berloumi.
Our Berloumi looks a little burnt here but this still is the best quinoa salad ever.

Grilled bell pepper with guacamole and Berloumi on the barbecue

With barbecue-grilled cherry tomatoes and basil

Our Berloumi Bacon Bites, … also delicious on the barbecue

Berloumi Bacon Bites

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