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Ten years ago Halloumi was still a rather exotic affair in Belgium and the Netherlands. Nowadays you can buy halloumi almost everywhere. Most Halloumi comes from Cyprus and is made from a mixture of goats, sheep and cow milk. You can find our Berloumi next to the other Halloumi brands. Ours is made from full fat cowmilk.

Berloumi is a halloumi style grilling cheese made from local cow’s milk. We also make a Berloumi goat made exclusively from goat’s milk and an organic halloumi made from organic milk.

Berloumi can now be purchased in around 500 stores all over Belgium. In all sorts of food shops, butcher stores, cheese shops, fruit and vegetable stores. Our Berloumi Halloumi is also available in Delhaize and the supermarkets Spar, and Okay.

Berloumi Bio is our organic halloumi. You can find him at Bio-Planet and also in many other organic and ecological stores. In shops where Berloumi is for sale you can usually order our other products.

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