Berloumi in a jacket, Berloumi nuggets, Berloumi bombs, BerloumEAT, Berloumi with bacon, are the craziest proposals we heard … we ended up choosing Berloumi Bacon Bites.

Berloumi Bacon Bites

Berloumi Bacon Bites, Berloumi with bacon, grillkaas with bacon

Berloumi with bacon

As if a piece of well-fried Berloumi didn’t have enough flavor, we now have bacon wrapped around it. These flavor bombs are ready in no time on the barbecue! We understand that your Berloumi is no longer vegetarian this way. Tip: For a vegetarian version, you can wrap your own Berloumi bars with a piece of zucchini, eggplant or leeks.

Grilled Berloumi with bacon, pear and spring onion

Cut a firm pear into four wedges and slightly remove the core. Clean the spring onion by removing the old leaves from it. Mix the pear and spring onion with a very small amount of olive oil.

Grill the Berloumi with bacon on the barbecue and move it to a less hot area. Do the same with the pear and spring onion.

The Berloumi with bacon is perfectly cooked when the bacon shrinks and the Berloumi is warm and peeks out of the roll a little.

Where is that for sale?

We are just getting started, so you won’t find our Berloumi with bacon at your favorite butcher, supermarket or convenience store just yet. Ask for it! That helps us. Or make them yourself by cutting a package of Berloumi into ten or twelve bars and wrapping them with salted or smoked finely chopped bacon.

Of course, our Berloumi Bacon Bites are not vegetarian. And this while many of our customers eat Berloumi just because it is vegetarian. It is not easy to do good for everyone. We think the Berloumi Bacon Bites are a cool idea, and they taste great! You can also recreate the Berloumi Bacon Bites by wrapping zucchini, eggplant or leeks around them. We’ll make some recipes with that soon. At the same time, we are also working on a new vegetarian product. You can see a sneak peek here.


Berloumi with zucchini

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