This Spanish potato tortilla should not be confused with the Mexican corn tortilla. This tortilla has potato and egg as a basis and is eaten both cold and hot in the Spanish interior. We were also inspired by Sandra Bekkari (NMD 2, page 159) but we did use our own Ricotta from Berloumi.

tortillla, spinach, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, potato tortilla.

The ricotta mixture.

Mix 300 grams of ricotta from Berloumi with 6 eggs and 50 grams of milk. Season with salt and pepper. The texture of the ricotta from our Zuivelarij is always a bit grainy. To make the grain smaller you can put the hand blender in the ricotta mixture.

The potatoes.

Steam or boil 400 grams of firm potatoes until done and let them cool down completely. Wash and dry 600 grams of young spinach. Larger spinach leaves are best cut a little finely. Finely chop and crush a garlic clove. Fry the spinach together with the garlic clove on high heat. Allow as much moisture as possible to evaporate in the pan and then drain the spinach very well in a sieve. Push the moisture out with your hands.

Cut the potatoes into small pieces or slices and arrange them loosely with the spinach in a sufficiently large baking dish.

Composing the potato tortilla.

In a suitable, low, oven dish pour the ricotta mixture over the potato and spinach. Cut 200 grams of cherry tomatoes in half and place them on top of the mixture with the cutting edge facing upwards. Season with Provençal herbs and 50 grams of shaved parmesan.

potato tortilla.

Bake in an oven at 200°C for 20 minutes.

Choosing the right baking dish is important. Choose an oven dish that is just big enough. If necessary, cover the baking dish with baking paper over the edges. Once it has cooled down you can remove the potato tortilla from the bowl more easily. Serve with a fresh salad and perhaps a light, pure tomato sauce.

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