Ricotta infornata with co-baked celeriac. The spices are salt, black pepper and quite a bit of cumin powder.

Our ricotta lends itself perfectly to this preparation. Because it is nice dry it will remain nice firm while baking.

This Ricotta infornata will only take you ten minutes of work and thirty minutes of waiting. You need a dry ricotta like ours. The recipe is for two people.

Ricotta dry dabbing.

Our Ricotta from Berloumi is already fairly dry but if you want the ricotta to get a beautiful crust you have to dry dab it well. Place a triple folded kitchen paper on the open jar and turn the ricotta on the kitchen paper. Put down and now also dab the edges and top well dry. You can push a little to get more moisture out of the ricotta.

Ricotta with herbs and olive oil.

Mix the dry-made ricotta with olive oil and herbs as you wish. Add a little salt and pepper.

Instead of the oil you can now also use flower and put it in the oven. We haven’t figured out what we like best yet.

Ricotta infornata with cherry tomatoes

Preheat the oven to at least 200°C. In a baking dish, make a spicy, aromatic oil based on 5 cl olive oil along with salt, pepper and Provençal herbs. Get 400 grams of cherry tomatoes through the oil and set them aside. Gently stir the ricotta through the oil. Make sure all sides are well oiled and leave the ricotta in the baking dish.

ricotta, infornata.

Bake the ricotta in the hot oven for about 30 minutes. After 20 minutes, add the cherry tomatoes. Bake the ricotta until it has a nice crust. If necessary, use the oven grill in last instance. Serve with bread.

Pre-heating an oven is usually not necessary, but now it is. Use the baking dish to make herb oil in which you eventually want to serve the dish.

ricotta, infornata, asparagus.
Ricotta Infornata with green asparagus

You can also cut bread into pieces (croutons) and bake with the tomatoes in the oven. Instead of the cherry tomatoes, you can also put other vegetables in the oven. Use paprika, onion, eggplant, … but avoid too much moisture in the oven because then the ricotta will not turn nicely brown.

We also cut our Ricotta horizontally in half and then rotated it through the flower. We had first seasoned the flour with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Then put the Ricotta discs in an oven at 200°C and turn them over after ten minutes. The ricotta will then get a nice, crispy crust on both sides.

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