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Our Ricotta from Berloumi is very useful in the kitchen. Especially in a cannelloni recipe with spinach where we want as little moisture as possible in the preparation. Frozen spinach that we drain for a long time in combination with Ricotta from Berloumi will produce the perfect cannelloni with spinach. Making any cannelloni recipe is pretty cumbersome. That’s why we make it for eight people at once.

The cannelloni filling.

Drain 750 g of thawed frozen spinach (sliced leaf) for one hour or until you have about 500 g of drained spinach left over.

If you want to use fresh spinach don’t do it with young spinach (= tasteless) but use adult spinach leaves that you blanche very short and drain sufficiently long.

We’re going for frozen spinach. It is easier to drain, just as tasty and at least as nutritious.

In our cannelloni recipe we first make the sauce to put over the cannelloni. We are not going to explain you how to make tomato sauce but you will eventually need about 1.2 l of tomato sauce in this cannelloni recipe.

Mix 800 grams of ricotta from Berloumi with 2 eggs, the drained spinach, 150 grams of ground Mozzarella, 80 grams of Parmesan, 1 crushed and finely chopped garlic clove, and quite a bit of nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper as desired.

You can also add other leafy vegetables and green herbs to the spinach such as rocket, leaf parsley, endive, fresh basil, …

Replace some of the spinach with rocket and the stuffing will miraculously … taste even more like spinach.

Fill the cannelloni.

Cannelloni with fresh pasta sheets.

To make this cannelloni recipe with fresh pasta sheets you need 24 pieces or about 400 g of fresh pasta sheets. Using a spoon, place 60 g of filling on the lower part of the pastavel and roll it up lengthwise. Divide 1/3 of the tomato sauce into two baking dishes and place the rolled cannelloni in them. Put the crease down.

Cannelloni with pre-cooked pasta tubes.

Fill a (disposable) piping bag with the ricotta and spinach mixture. Don’t overfill the piping bag. Do not put a spout in it but cut the piping bag in such a way that the nozzle is slightly smaller than your cannelloni to be filled. With this amount of filling you can fill about 40 cannelloni. Put the cannelloni well together in a baking dish.

Cannelloni with dried pasta sheets.

Recipe still in development.

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