Halloumi became a trendy and widely used ingredient in recent years. Along with hummus, eggplant, baba ganoush, labneh and pomegranate it’s one of the many flavorings from the Middle East. With our Berloumi you can make the most delicious halloumi appetizers Our Berloumi doesn’t come from the Middle East but is made in Berlare. That’s almost as exotic as Beirut.

Halloumi appetizer bacon bites

These halloumi bites are quite heavy as an appetizer. Serve them rather as a snack, at brunch time, in a full-fledged recipe or even better, keep on going with these drinks and bites.

Choose thinly sliced breakfast bacon for these Halloumi bites. Put two slices of bacon next to, and a little on top, of each other and roll these, as shown in the picture, tightly around our Berloumi. Then cut the bar into three pieces with your sharpest knife. Fry the berloumi bites in a little bit of olive or other oil. It is not very important but we fry them first on the open, Berloumi side and then on the side where the bacon closes. Keep on frying until brown. The Berloumi will bulge out of the shrinking bacon. Occasionally spoon the hot oil over the talking rolls while tilting the skillet.

Speaking of appetizers, may we introduce you to the Labneh from our Dairy. It is a strained and savory yogurt, fitting perfectly with our Berloumi. Eat our Labneh as a mezze, sharing dish or as a dip.

Berloumi with Brussels sprouts and chorizo on a skewer.

halloumi aperitif snack, Berloumi with chorizo and Brussels sprouts

Clean 20 Brussels sprouts by taking off the outer leaves. Cook the sprouts for five minutes. Drain and let them evaporate and cool on a platter.

Bake, over a low heat, 20 slices of chorizo in 5 cl olive oil. Let the fat melt away without burning the chorizo. After a while, the chorizo becomes crispy. Remove the chorizo from the pan but do not drain the oil.

Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and fry them well in the aromatic chorizo oil. Meanwhile, cut the Berloumi into slices of about one centimeter and cut each slice into three more pieces. Fry the pieces of Berloumi together with the Brussels sprouts in the chorizo oil.

Put the chorizo back in the pan and put everything on cool sticks.

You can now serve the halloumi skewers or heat them up briefly in a low oven. This is also a nice recipe or snack if you want to prepare halloumi at the gourmet or stone-grill.

For a vegetarian halloumi appetizer, just leave the chorizo away. Drizzle a little lemon juice over the fried Brussels sprouts for some extra effect.

Berloumi Fries

The party animal among our halloumi appetizers: these halloumi fries from Berloumi. Real party stuff. Easy to prepare. Pimp them high, pimp them high, …

To make the best of these Berloumi fries we are happy to send you to this specialized page. You will find some variants of this classic snack from our Zuivelarij.

Appetizer with fried halloumi and zucchini.

halloumi appetizer, zucchini and berloumi

These halloumi zucchini rolls are the vegetarian version of the bacon rolls above. Cut the zucchini with a vegetables slicer into long slices and wrap the slices of zucchini firmly around a bar of Berloumi. It is sufficiant to simply bake on the open Berloumi side.

Bruschetta with Berloumi

halloumi aperitif snack: bruschetta with berloumi

If you want it realy easy then these bruschetta with halloumi are what you’re looking for. We just shopped to get a baguette and tapenade made from tomatoes. And we always have Berloumi stocked in the Dairy. Cut the bread into half-inch slices and toast the bruschetta under the grill. Cut Berloumi into thin slices of about half an inch and fry briefly untill brown and warm in the pan. Make sure they’re well browned and crispy. Put the tapenade and the fried halloumi on the toasted bread and serve.

You should also try these simple bruschetta with our Ricotta from Berloumi and tomato chunks.

Lekker van bij ons, the Belgian argricultural promotion instance also made these keto bruschetta with our Berloumi. With a bruschetta of sweet potato.

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