Bruschetta with Ricotta of Berloumi and tomato

Berloumi’s Ricotta from our Dairy is already so creamy and soft that you don’t have to do anything with it anymore. Spread the ricotta in a smooth motion on the bruschetta and leave a little space in the middle to put the garnish on it. We finish the bruschetta with ricotta with pieces of tomato, but definitely try it our Sicilian caponata.

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Bruschetta with Ricotta by Berloumi

You cut 2 ripe tomatoes into wedges and remove the seeds. Then you cut them into strips, and then again into cubes. Mix the tomato cubes with 3 grams of salt, and drain. At the end you add 3 grams of olive oil and some finely chopped basil .

Bruschetta with olive oil and ricotta from Berloumi.
What a drinking bottle is not good for

You cut a ciabatta or other baguette into oblique slices of about 1 cm thick. Then toast the slices under the grill. You then let them cool briefly, but do not place them on top of each other.

Bruschetta with Berloumi Ricotta and green tomato.

Same recipe, different color. And another tip: for the bruschetta with ricotta, just put all the ingredients on the table. Nothing more fun than making your own bruschetta.

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