Berloumi Goat

Goat milk Berloumi from our dairy is a goat milk grilling cheese made from 100% goat’s milk. This is rather exceptional because even traditional Cypriot grilling cheese is usually made with different types of milk.

The texture of our goat milk Berloumi is similar to regular Berloumi. Although goat’s milk Berloumi has less fat, less squeaky and has somtething of a goat’s cheese smell to it. You can prepare it just like our Berloumi in the same recipes. We get the goat milk from our colleagues at ‘t Leenhof in Zele or the Klaverlochting in Impe.

grillkaas made from goat's milk
Our Berloumi Goat is made 100% from goat’s milk.

Points of sale

In these stores you can buy our Berloumi made from goat’s milk. Stores that sell our usual Berloumi can also easily order the Berloumi with goat’s milk for you. Ask about it!

      Berloumi made from goat's milk

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