Honestly admittedly. We’re not a huge fan of this grillkaas skewer ourselves. It is tasty and it looks great. But it’s not practical. If you do a barbecue for a lot of people, grillkaas grilling on the barbecue will be easier without the skewer. Do you have time and do you want it to look extra nice. Then go for the Berloumi skewer.

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flatbread, flatbread

For the flatbread we refer you to our Labneh website. We collect a number of flatbreads there. They are very tasty with our Labneh.

Berloumi grillkaas skewer

Berloumi skewer, grillkaas skewer

To make a brochette with Berloumi it is important that everything is cooked more or less together. Berloumi has a short cooking time. That is why you have to roast the pepper in advance. It takes a little effort but it’s also really worth doing.

Place 1 red pepper in a gas flame (or on the barbecue) and light it completely black. Leave briefly under a lid and peel the pepper. Cut the pepper into eight parts and cut these wedges into three pieces each time. From one fourth pineapple , cut the wedges into cubes and remove pieces from half a sweet onion. Cut 2 packets of Berloumi into rectangular cubes (photo) and mix them with the oil from the package. Compose the brochette (photo)

Paprika coulis

Paprika coulis, xanthan gum

Late 2 red peppers turn completely black on the barbecue, under the grill or in a gas flame. Let the peppers cool/nagaren in a bowl closed with a lid. Cut the peppers into four wedges, deseed them and scrape off the skin. Blend the peppers in the blender or with the hand blender and add Add 2 g salt

To prevent moisture from leaking out of the coulis, you can add 0.5 g xanthan gum. We like to use xanthan gum as a binder. Heat gently before use.

A surplus

We didn’t get everything on our grillkaas skewer and then this barbecue wok pan comes in handy. Since then, she has become indispensable in barbecuing.

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