600 g salsify, cleaned

700 g milk

Cook the salsify over very low heat until tender in the milk (about 30 minutes, the milk should not really boil)

30 g butter

cinnamon, to taste

40 g flour

Melt the butter in a pan, add the cinnamon and flour. Under constant stirring, bake gently and dry on a low heat

Drain the salsify over the butter/flour mixture. (first pour a little into the mixture and stir in a homogeneous porridge, then the rest can be added)

Now also add the gare salsify

30 g corn oil (or other)

400 g cornucopia

1 g black pepper

Clean the mushrooms with a brush and remove impurities

Bake the mushrooms over high heat

1/2 white bread, not sliced

Cut off four thick slices of bread (about two inches thick)

Toast the slices of bread

400 g Berloumi

Cut Berloumi into four cuts of about 1 cm

Bake the Berloumi

Chutney of Horn of Plenty and red wine

Fry 200 finely chopped onion slowly and for a long time in three cl of oil until it finally looks nice brown. Add 200 g chopped cornucopia and 1 g pepper and bake briefly. Extinguish with 3 cl of red wine and let it boil completely. Add salt to taste

Chips of salsify

Peel a salsify and rinse under running water. With a peeler, peel long strings of salsify and immediately put them in water with lemon or vinegar. Place the strings on a baking dish and let them dry in the oven (60 min – 80°C – convection – oven slightly open). Fry the strings at 150°C until they are lightly coloured. Salt immediately after they come out of the fryer.

Salsify in white sauce, quickly from a can

Pour the moisture from 2 cans of salsify into a not too small cooking pot (later the salsify must be added). Boil the liquid to 1/3rd and then add 150 g of culinary cream . Reduce to half. Bind with 15 grams of Cornstarch roux and cook well. Add the salsify and heat.



Remove a round from the toast with a round protrusion shape (you can also stick this out before toasting, but leave it in the bread during toasting)

Place the toast on the plate without the circle

Fill with salsify and also place the salsify over part of the toast

Also spoon the mushrooms haphazardly over the toast and plate

Also put the brown fried Berloumi on the toast

Use the circle to finish the dish

Craterellus cornucopioides

The craterellus cornucopioides may not look good, but it is one of the tastiest forest mushrooms that exist. When the mushroom is dried, the aroma becomes even more pronounced and in the distance it reminds a bit of truffle. In this recipe, fresh mushrooms are used. Brush them more or less free of sand residues or rinse them in water for an extremely short time. In the latter case, drain them well or dry them in the lettuce swagger.

Dried cornucopia can be soaked in lukewarm water for ten minutes. Then squeeze and dry a little and further treat like fresh mushrooms.

To enhance the aroma, you can blend a little dried mushrooms into powder (use a coffee grinder) and mix the powder with salt. Then sprinkle this mixture sparingly, as a garnish, over the dish.