That’s how we make our Ricotta. The Ricotta is scooped into baskets and leaked overnight. Very tasty but can only be kept for a few days.

From whole milk we make Berloumi and what remains is whey. We have long been looking for a way to use our residual flow of whey in De Zuivelarij. Milk whey still contains a lot of high-quality milk proteins, milk sugars, a little fat and vitamins and minerals. Berloumi’s whey is a sweet, unleavened whey’. And from sweet whey you can make the most delicious ricotta for sure!

The biggest obstacle for a reasonably small cheese dairy like ours is to make the ricotta last long enough. Traditional scooped ricotta is easy to make but has a shelf life of only a few days. To get and keep ricotta in the shop we need a shelf life of at least six weeks. Because nobody buys anything that’s good for just one or two days.

Today we got the message from Okay that they want to test our Ricotta from Berloumi for six months. We need at least one large customer to justify the investments. In this way we can also ensure that we can deliver a better product to the smaller, local shops. We still have two months, and then the Ricotta has to be on the shelves.

We have very little experience in marketing a product. Although sales of our Berloumi have grown very quickly, they have also grown organically. Now it has to be right the first time. And there’s almost nothing ready yet.

I guess it’s up to us, but we think it might be nice to let you guys go through these months. How do you prepare a food product for sale? How much does all that cost? What is ricotta and will it improve my life? Above all, will it work?

This temporary blog also allows us to let the product live a little. Storytelling as it is called in marketing terms. But we think this is really a story.

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