This recipe contains some special techniques. The recovery of broccoli thistles into a crispy salad. Letting the potatoes cool down with vinegar to get nice solid potatoes in the salad and the surprising pesto of pistachio and parsley.

The potato salad itself is a simple salad as part of a more complete recipe. To turn the potato salad into a full-fledged meal salad, you can add green herbs, nuts or ham. If, exceptionally, you’re not a fan of potato in the salad, take a look at our tips for the best pasta salad.

Potato salad, broccoli thistles, Berloumi.

Pesto of pistachios and parsley.

Pistachio pesto.

Wash the flat parsley. Remove 160 grams of flat parsley leaves from the stalks. Bring a reasonable amount of water to the boil and put a water and ice bath next to it. Boil 2 peeled garlic in the water for 2 minutes and remove. Blanch the parsley leaves for 40 seconds in boiling water and then quickly spoon them into the ice water. Or pour them through a sieve and rinse with ice-cold water. Push as much water as possible out of the parsley leaves.

Put the parsley together with the garlic and 60 grams of pistachios in the food processor (with a large knife). Puree and then add 120 grams of olive oil. Also add 10 grams of lemon juice. Add 5 grams of salt to taste. Keep in the refrigerator until use.

The quantities above are for 350g of pesto which can be kept for about 3 days. Covered in the fridge. No ice, then use ice-cold water. You can also replace part of the olive oil with a nut oil. At best, this is pistachio oil. While mashing, remove the pesto from the side of the mixing bowl.

Salad of potato and broccoli stalks.

Broccoli thistles.

Just like on the video, remove the hard shell of 3 well shaped broccoli thistles to leave about 500 grams of broccoli stalks. Plan the broccoli thistles finely on the mandolin (vegetable planer). Mix the stems with 10 g of salt and leave to rest for an hour.
Peel and cook 500 grams of solid boiling or new potatoes. Cook potatoes always departing from cold salted water. Cook for about 15 minutes and leave to rest in the boiling water for another 5 minutes. Drain the potatoes. Drizzle and mix them with 3 cl wine vinegar. Then allow to cool until completely cold. We repeat: totally cold.
Squeeze all the released moisture out of the broccoli stems. Cut the cooked potatoes into pieces and mix them with the broccoli. Add 1 tablespoon mayonnaise and 2 soup spoons Labneh and mix everything gently among themselves.
Add 2 cl vinegar to the potato cooking water. The potatoes remain firmer because the pectin in the outside is enhanced by the vinegar.

Grilled asparagus and Berloumi

Asparagus and berloumi grill on the barbecue

Peel 500 g not too thick green (or white) asparagus. Green asparagus allows you to peel a little less exuberantly. Peel from halfway to the foot and then cut the foot of the asparagus away. Mix the asparagus with a little oil and salt. Roast the asparagus over a soft to medium heat. After 5 minutes, place the 500 g sliced Berloumi next to it. Roast the Berloumi until he has a nice crust and let it get further warm further away from the heat.

On the pan it is not necessary in principle but for the barbecue grill it is necessary to apply the slices of Berloumi for a while. Divide your barbeque into temperature zones. Berloumi gets a crust on the barbeque very quickly but also needs time to get warm inside.

Roasting is perhaps the best way to prepare asparagus. It goes without saying that the thin specimens are ready faster than the thick ones. But the latter have the advantage that they can be grilled very nicely and still remain juicy inside.

Pesto, grillkaas, asparagus
potato salad with berloumi

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