Traditional Ricotta is made from the milk whey left over from cheesemaking. Often, a small amount of milk is used for better yield.

The whey from our Halloumi cheese is very sweet. And the sweeter the whey, the better the ricotta.

The fresh whey is cooked to 90°C and the soft ricotta curds rise to the top.

Real ricotta is made from whey only. The curds are soft  and have a cooked milk flavour.

Traditionel ricotta is drained in cheese molds and has to be eaten within days. Our Berloumi Ricotta is drained longer in cheesecloth.

Thanks to homogenizing and hot filling our Ricotta has a shelf life of up to six weeks. Even without preservatives.

Eaten fresh as a spread. With good bread and condiments.

These ricotta gnudi are one of our favorite culinary uses

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