How halloumi is made

Collecting the milk

Early in the morning, when Delphine and Bogdan are still asleep, David collects the milk. We make our halloumi with milk from a few local farmers in Berlare. Hence the name Berloumi.

On the farm

Koen & Annick (she looks a little angry but she isn't) milk about 100 cows. In the morning and in the evening. Every day of the year.

In the dairy

How can you see this is a cheese factory? Because it's so unimaginably clean!

Checking on antibiotics

Although we have never found strange things in our milk, we keep on checking it. And because it's obligatory, of course.

Curd making

Pressing the curd

Bogdan, or more accurately the cheese press, presses the cheese curd into one big block and later in halloumi sized blocks.

A hot bath cures everything

Thanks to the heat of the cooking water, halloumi gets its chewy, non melting texture. This is similar to making mozz but with the heat up and the acidity down.

Core temperature is everything

We have to admit it. We don't do this every time we cook halloumi. We just know when the temperature is right. But it does look pro in the picture.

Doesn' t this look like gold? 

Cold gold. Before being brined, the cheese cools down in a cold room to about 30°C. Out of 1000 l of milk, we make around 640 pieces of delicious Berloumi halloumi. 

Finally the packaging

This looks fast and smooth, but did you know that packaging takes as much time as producing? After being vacuum packed, our Berloumi will keep for two months.

Tadaaaa !!!

Today we've made our organic halloumi from organic milk. Made with respect for animals and the environment, and as delicious as our conventional Berloumi.

Now all you have to do is ...

... eat Berloumi the easy way, with friends, in the sun.