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In the Zuivelarij, we process milk from nearby farmers to unique products. Recently, some local farmers started on producing organic milk. Launching an organic halloumi was therefore a logical step. With our organic BerloumiBio We try to shorten the chain between the farmer and the consumer.

Biologische Halloumi in slaatje met asperges.

The changeover will take some time. In anticipation, you can already taste our organic Halloumi made with organic milk from the Belgian cooperative Biomilk.

Next to the grass in the meadow organically grown cows eat organic roughage and the milk composition is a little different with a healthy fatty acid composition. Also for our traditional Berloumi we and our farmers strive to use as few additives as possible. Thanks to our already most natural possible way of working, we do not have to change our cheese production so much. The milk and ingredients for our organic Halloumi are clearly separated from our traditional Berloumi and all ingredients and processes are organically certified.

The principle of soil bondage has prevented overgrazing, soil erosion and pollution.

In addition to many other rules, an organic farmer does not use fertilizer, less and natural pesticides and no genetically engineered crops. Organic animals can graze freely, have a more spacious housing and are fed in a natural 100 organic way. The use of antibiotics and medicinal products is limited. Organic farming has less impact on nature and produces a high quality organic milk.

A responsible way of working is equally important to our other farmers.

Because also organically cared cows give milk every day, we had to look for solid and reliable partners to be able to process all of the milk in an organic Halloumi. Bio-Planet,Biofresh, important partners in the distribution of organic food were immediately enthusiastic. In a short time we will provide more than 100 new outlets of an organic halloumi. Let us know for sure if you don’t have organic Berloumi in your area yet.

You can prepare our organic Berloumi just as you do with our traditional Berloumi

Feel free to give us your feedback and/or inquire at www. Bioforumvlaanderen, www.biomijnnatuur.be

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