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How to prepare Halloumi

Panzanella with nectarines and grilled Berloumi

Berloumi is a Halloumi style grilling cheese To prepare halloumi is nothing difficult at all You can fry Berloumi, grill it, bbq it,… in cubes, bars or slices,…

Berloumi is the salty, savory, creamy part of your meal, use less salt in the other part of your recipe and use fresh and contrasting ingredients.

How to prepare Halloumi ‘ before you start ‘

You can slice Berloumi in different shapes The easiest is a slice of about one centimeter. Depending on the recipe, cubes, rods, triangles, are possible Also. Berloumi is easy to cut and it will retain its shape properly during baking

Before you fry our Berloumi halloumi you cut it into slices of about one centimeter. You can also cut cubes, thin slices or square bars. The cheese is easy to cut and will keep its shape when heated

Cut the package open and dab the slices into the spicy oil. Extra seasoning is not necessary and do you not use any salt.

How to prepare Halloumi ‘ the frying, grilling, BBQ ‘ N,… ‘


Fry the slices of Berloumi in a skillet, preferably with a non-stick layer. The skillet should be so hot that the Halloumi end up soft enough by the time he has gotten a beautiful brown crust. Do not place the cheese slices too close to each other so that the moisture can evaporate properly. If you have a beautiful crust, let the cheese rest on the skillet for a brief moment.

Berloumi, just like in other cheeses, has quite a bit of salt. But other cheeses are not fried and while frying water evaporates so the salt content rises relatively. Don’t fry for to long and be sparingly on salt in your recipe

When the Berloumi is fried you can sprinkle it with a little bit of lemon juice.

We prefer to grill our Berloumi is the best on an open griddle. But even if you have a lidded grill. Grill it just as if you were grilling a Panini. Rub the grill with some oil. Rotate the slices several times so that they get a nice grill pattern.

Take the slices of Berloumi through the oil or pat them in the marinade out of the package. Take care of a hot and well oiled barbecue grill.

Grill the Halloumi over a moderate fire so that the cheese gets inside by the time he has gotten a nice and brown crust. Turn the cheese regularly, for a nice grill pattern and place it on the edge of the fire to keep it warm afterwards

Any barbecue grill works but the most beautiful result you get with a wide grilled griddle On a gas barbecue, the temperature may usually be a bit higher.

Cut a packet of Berloumi in the form of potato fries Just like traditional potato fries, this doesn’t have to be very accurate. Fry the Berloumi rods at 190 °C for about 1 minute or until they are nicely brownish coloured. When frying, separate the fries by shaking them in the oil.

We have a very nice recipe for Berloumi fries.

How to prepare Halloumi ‘ the serving ‘

Halloumi preparing is one thing. Getting our Berloumi warm on the table is a different thing. Hot serving is easier when you use other hot or lukewarm ingredients. If you want to keep Berloumi warm for a longer time, do so in a soft oven of about 70 °C. Berloumi is often eaten with a salad. In that case we just serve our Berloumi in the still warm skillet with the salad next to it.

When Halloumi cools down, it gets a stiff, chewable mouth-feel and makes a somewhat ‘ squeaky ‘ sound. For that reason it’s called “squeaky cheese” in English. A taste sensation that quickly gets used and appreciated.

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