Berloumi made from goat milk

Our Berloumi goat is a Halloumi style grilling cheese made from goat milk. The goat milk is first heated to high temperatures. The whey proteins (ricotta proteins) fall apart and end up in the cheese dairy.

If we would make our goat milk Berloumi according to our traditional Halloumi preparation process, then many valuable fats would be lost in the whey. The proteins in goat’s milk are practically identical to cow’s milk but there are less and they are ranked a little differently. As a result, they can’t keep the fat particles, which are much smaller in goat’s milk. Halloumi of goat milk alone is not common. For this reason, also the Cypriot Halloumi from goat’s milk is usually made from different milks.

The milk is then cooled to a relatively high rennet temperature, and then we follow our traditional preparation process. Berloumi goat is pure goat milk and has no spices around the cheese.

The taste and especially the texture of Berloumi goat is also completely different. The texture is less elastic and tough and has a somewhat looser and grainy texture. The cheese is also slightly more humid, which takes a little longer to fry the cheese. Use a little bit more oil and fry at higher heat.

In these shops you can buy our goat milk Halloumi. Stores who sell our common Berloumi can probably also order the goat milk Berloumi for you.

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